Sweet Lilac

My choice of nail color this summer is Chanel’s Sweet Lilac. It’s not too loud, just the right amount of the palest purple crossed with a tint of pink.

Beach House

Being surrounded by cute wooden houses next to the sea had me wishing for one of my own someday, or maybe just pretending again really soon…


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July always ends with the little tradition that we’ve had for the past seven years, where Andrew and I spend time out in Montauk. We have our summer rituals out there but the big thing missing this time is our favorite old hotel, The East Deck, with it suddenly closing down and all. It won’t be exactly the same, but on with the show. So we rented a small cottage by the ocean and packed a car, surfboard on top. With beach towels, a couple of overnight bags and books, stopping by a stand for some peaches on the way out.

This Weekend

V is for Voyage


Taking a trip out east…

In The Spring

I had never been to Paris in the Spring. What more is there to say about Paris? It was so beautiful…

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