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Sunday with Penny Sage

Penny Sage, To The Wonder

One of my favorite looks from Penny Sage’s current lookbook. Designer Kate Megaw describes this collection as ‘where hibernation or adventure are equally possible.’

I think that could be Sunday’s official mantra, though I secretly prefer the former. Since I am never against being lazy in a worn-in sweater, even if it’s meant for winter, on a chilly summer evening. Pair the sweater with this jumpsuit for adventure.

Breakfast in Kyoto


Because weekend mornings are the perfect excuse for a big American-style breakfast, I had these one Sunday in Kyoto after we went for a walk in the Arashiyama bamboo forest. SAGANOYU, a beautiful restaurant restored from an old Japanese bathhouse, combines two of my favorite things all in one – matcha green tea and pancakes.



Summer Night


A summer night in June calls for a little something extra. An outtake of Stephanie wearing Ryan Storer’s small crystal ear bar.



Travel Essentials

DECADE travel

I know the word essentials is overused these days, but these are the things I did find useful on my trips abroad in the last two months…

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Tokyo, I

In Tokyo, two of the neighborhoods I loved the most. Naka Meguro and Daikanyama…

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One taxi, one bullet train, one railway train with a transfer and four hours later, we had reached our last checkpoint. The faded seaport of Uno; where we would finally take a boat out to the small remote island of Naoshima. As soon as I saw the clear blue sea ahead, any sense of preceding hassle instantly melted away. I knew it was all going to be worth every minute…


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