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Blue skies and Joan Mitchell: Trees at Cheim & Read.






A souvenir I brought back from Tokyo, since Rei Kawakubo is at the heart of Tokyo fashion. This Comme Des Garçons Play black v-neck sweater is the only clothing I treated myself to on the trip; besides a pair of vintage Levi’s from J’Antiques and a cotton yukata robe.

It’s not something I would usually wear, but I was convinced after seeing it on The Line. I love the way they have styled it in their Building a Timeless Wardrobe lookbook.


Some girls…


…just make overalls look so cool. Polaroid outtakes of Georgia styled by the lovely Alicia Yates, in collaboration with Andrew. Two of my favorite people; I still love the last story Alicia styled for Andrew. I can’t wait to see what they came up with x


Hotel Life

I admit that part of me wanted to stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo because I love Lost in Translation. Now I can see why Sofia Coppola calls it one of her favorite places in the world…

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blanc-beige slate


Somewhere along the way I became hooked on Chanel’s beauty products apart from getting the occasional nail polish or lipstick. One bottle of Chanel long-wear foundation highly recommended by a friend (also what Lisa Eldridge uses on Alexa Chung in this video) lead to a slippery slope of discovering how amazing their skincare products really are.


Barneys invited me to get a free Chanel facial in their new spa treatment room, complete with cute little Chanel towels…

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One of the highlights of our Kyoto trip was having a private tour of the HOSOO textile showroom and factory. HOSOO designs and develops incredible fabrics used all over the world by architects and fashion designers like Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel…

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