There is no sound here but the rumbling waves…

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S.L. Pre-Fall

Saint Laurent Pre-Fall

I love Saint Laurent’s current black-and-white Pre-Fall ad campaign. Especially this simple modernized Lauren Hutton look of a white button down blouse, blazer and high-waisted blue jeans…

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In the heart of Japan…

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She puts on her make-up

Following our last textile design collaboration, I was so happy to work with Dress Up again on a new season. Especially when Stephanie told me the point of departure for the collection would be girls – “favorite female movie characters, singers and icons all combined, girls hanging out and being girly…”

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An American in Paris


Two quintessential shots a girl can’t help but take on an iPhone while visiting Paris – flowers on the street, sitting outside with a pretty dessert and a café. Both never get old, but at least the cake was something new to try.

Thank you, Léa for recommending to me The Broken Arm…

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VS Handwriting

Speaking of calligraphy, for the past year I’ve been working on all kinds of different handwriting projects with Victoria’s Secret. The script that made the final cut is out now on several VS beauty products – fragrances, hair care and body care. I was happy to see this photo of one of the products pop up on one of my favorite blogs, Hawaiian Coconut.