Getting there

Our art studio is slowly getting there, a couple little peeks of how it’s been coming together…

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New Print

This is one of the new prints I illustrated for MiH’s current Fall line…

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Wear Thin

With the weather so perfect and beautiful, now is the best time for thin ribbed knit sweaters. An outtake of Alexandra wearing one from Céline, layered with a light Acne mock turtleneck and tucked into a pair of Saint Laurent high waisted jeans.

Goodbye to all that…


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Today and Tomorrow


What do I want to wear today and what will I want to wear tomorrow? 

The great thing about only buying basic and classic over the past few years is I’ve found myself not wanting or needing plenty of new clothes each time the season changes. But I also think it’s good, once you have laid down that solid foundation of basics, to add a few more things that are more interesting to break up your uniform…


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For Curio


I have this little ritual of burning a candle while I draw; it always calms me down. The one on my desk right now is from Curio Noir, I have loved their candles but this time around it’s a bit special because I re-designed their logo. Curio Noir recently did a big rebranding and I’m so happy to see my watercolor on all of the beautiful new boxes, booklets and glass.

Decade Dish: Raw Raspberry Cake

CAKE copy

Over the summer, I started trying out more raw and dairy free recipes. Because of my sweet tooth, I found it to be a lot of desserts…


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